Make your first date less stressful: tips for guys

A first date can be very stressful for many men, turning them into a nervous mess. Guys worry about planning a date, what to wear, what to say, keeping their cool, all in the interest of a guy impressing his date with his best romantic skill. Take solace – a first date does not have to be a nerve-wracking experience, and it can and should be lighthearted and fun. It is important to make a good first impression if a second date is desired, and we will explore some ways to ensure that this can happen. There is no reason this initial date shouldn’t be fun and an opportunity to get to know one another.


Taking pride in your appearance is critical to the success of your first date. You should show up well groomed and dressed to the best of your fashion ability. Save the worn jeans for your construction projects, make sure your clothes are clean and pressed. Be sure to dress in a coordinated and classy manner. You can be sure your date has agonized over her appearance in order to look good for you. Any less than your best in your appearance will be insulting to her.

Personal attitude

This next point may appear obvious, but quite a few guys are under the false assumption that by being arrogant around others will make them seem more attractive to their date. This need to prove that they are the “alpha male” in the company of their date is actually one of the worse moves they can make. An alpha male in fact keeps his cool and presents a calm demeanor indicative of inner confidence. Show your date how kind and charming you can be, it’s much better to be polished and smooth than rough-hewn. Treat her with the utmost respect around others, letting her feel like the lady she is. Don’t stop here, treat everyone around you respectfully, creating a much more comfortable atmosphere for her.

Picking her up

Guys, another respectful gesture is to pick her up before the date, and taking her home afterward. Make sure of some simple, obvious points when you pick her up. Show up on time at her door, don’t honk the horn to announce she should come out to meet you. Walk her to your vehicle and in a gentlemanly manner open the door for her. Make sure your vehicle is clean and comfortable for her. Don’t blast the radio or your latest death metal CD, create a soft environment conducive to conversation. There is no need to drive like Jeff Gordon either, pick her up on time, and there will be no need to rush, show a calm demeanor and your date will get off to a very nice start.

The date

Guys, you have made reservations for a nice dinner at a restaurant with great romantic ambience and a menu with fantastic offerings. You have done well in this regard, how about conversation? Many guys make the mistake of feeling the need to play it safe at dinner, often making conversation very boring to say the least. “Where did you grow up?”, “Do you have any brothers and sisters?”, and “What nationality are you?” The mistaken thought here is to portray an image as a nice guy, but why not be interesting? Show a witty side, a sense of humor is very attractive and who doesn’t like to laugh? A bit of a mystery is always good, no need to reveal everything about yourself at once. The aim is to stand out and be different, who wants boring company anyway? Rather than ask her nationality, remark on her exotic features, asking her what her ethnic background may be. A worldly, experienced man is much more interesting than the guy next door. Intrigue her, and she will be open to that second date!

At dinner, demonstrate your best table manners. Let her see you have knowledge of silverware and that you spread that tablecloth in your lap. Don’t raise your voice, keep it at a pleasant level during the course of dinner. Do the small things that make your date feel like a lady, such as pulling her chair out for her.

There is no need to panic on a first date, and with the right planning and attitude you and your date can have a great experience!

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